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Hello and welcome to the black parade! This is a My Chemical Romance fansite, live since January 14, 2020.
As many of you probably know, My Chemical Romance is an American alternative rock band from New Jersey. Counting a production of four studio albums and twelve years of activity, the band's first course ran from 2001 to 2013, when they announced they would break up for good. They left behind a devoted community of fans that kept their memory alive during the years that followed.
On October 31st, 2019, after seven years of radio silence, MCR unexpectedly announced their return with a comeback show that took place later that year, on December 20th. Since then, the band has been updating their social media with cryptic posts and teasers of unknown nature. Little is known about their current projects, but any and all official updates will be posted in the news section of this website as they come.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Everything is a little bare right now, but hopefully things will start taking shape soon.
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02.05.2020: added live shows in the media section.

02.04.2020: added interview from 2004. read it here.

02.04.2020: added interview from 2005. you can read it here.

01.18.2020: completed info page. added MCR5 category in the eras page.

01.18.2020: added new pages and info.

01.16.2020: guestbook is live.

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